Professional Indemnity Insurance for Beauty Therapists

Professional Indemnity insurance provides essential financial cover and protection for Beauty Therapists in the event a claim is made against them for an error or omission that may make during the course of their work.

A beauty therapists carry’s out a magnitude of roles and applications in the course of their work. They will apply and sell make up, skin car products and beauty treatments. This could include anything such as, massage, facials manicures, pedicures, electrolysis, waxing and spa treatments. During this they will need to carry out:

• Skin analysis and give advice about skin care. • Remove facial and body hair using electrolysis and wax • Provide advice and support clients after cosmetic surgery • Recognise problems such as skin conditions and refer clients to the appropriate medical practitioner – e.g. dermatologist, plastic surgeons, physiotherapists etc. • Maintain client records • Provide advice while selling cosmetic and beauty related items and equipment

With this magnitude of work involved while being a beauty therapists there is also a magnitude of possibilities where an error or omission could be made by the beauty therapists. People take their appearance very seriously. When giving advice about how to maintains or change the way some one looks can be critically important. Click here to get a quote now.

Some of the key exposures for Beauty Therapists are as follows:

• Wrong advice being given in regards to a treatment or action plan • Bodily harm to a client from poor advice or practice • Dissatisfaction from Clients

The above represents some of the key exposure and in no way all of them. If you need more information please contact is directly.

With all of the new technology and emerging treatments in the world of beauty therapy it is important to protect yourself. No matter how experience or practiced you may be you can still make an error or omission, Protect yourself.

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