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PI Cover for Acupuncturists

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If you are considered a Professional, you should you think about getting Professional Indemnity Insurance. As a Professional Acupuncturists your patients trust that you are going to deliver the best professional treatment possible and with that comes responsibility. If someone goes wrong and you make a mistake, error or omission, a case could be made against you.

Firstly, looking at what you do. Acupuncture has it roots 3000 years ago where it began as a Chinese healing technique. It has come into the modern day as a common practice. People go and see an acupuncturist  for anything from back pain and tennis elbow to head aches and hypertension. Acupuncturists treat many different conditions and symptoms every day of the week. For these patients Acupuncturists do everything from, treating patients with acupuncture needles, diagnosing patients, keeping patients notes and creating treatment plans. Due to the nature and bandwidth of the work of an Acupuncturist, there is always a possibility an error or omission could be made.

On top of all of the above, in Australia, Under the National Law, a registered health practitioner must not practice their profession unless they have appropriate professional indemnity insurance arrangements in force. For more information about the registration standards, check out the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia. You may need to prove to the board that you have the appropriate cover.

Finally, your clients can know and be comfortable knowing you have professional indemnity cover. No matter how hard you try not to, everyone is capable of making a mistake.

Professional Indemnity Insurance has you covered.


You need to make a self-assessment of your work to assist when ensuring you have the appropriate level of cover. You need to consider if you are working in a higher risk field of work. Things to consider when making this assessment are (but not limited to), if you are prescribing or mixing therapeutic goods, working in Obstetrics or working in any other higher risk field.

You should consult with your insurance broker when setting up your policy to ensure you have the appropriate level of cover for you and your business.

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Some common risk factors for Acupuncturists are:

  • Prescribing a wrong treatment plan
  • Negligence in diagnosis
  • Negligence when administering your Acupuncture needles

The above is just some and not all of the risk and exposure for an Acupuncturists. For more FAQ’s regarding professional indemnity insurance, check out our page ultimate guide to professional indemnity insurance.


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