Professional Indemnity Insurance for Advertising Agents and Consultants

Professional Indemnity insurance provides essential financial cover and protection for Advertising Agents and Consultants in the event a claim is made against them for an error or omission that may make during the course of their work.

An Advertising Agent and Consultant is an individual who helps a company/business or individual change or grow their business by implementing or changing their marketing and advertising strategy. . Click here for a quote now. Typically meeting with a customer is the first stage in the process and the consult or agent will follow through with their strategy from conception all the way till implementation.

Obviously the way a company/business or individual is perceived by the community can greatly impact their business so implementing a good marketing or advertising strategy is vital. The trust that is put in doing this is relying on the Advertising Agents/Consultants professional skills and ability to follow through and achieve a client’s needs and objectives. This puts a lot of pressure on the Advertising Agents/Consultants to really kick some goals for their clients. That is why it is important to protect yourself in the event where an error or omission may be made.

Some of the main roles of an Advertising Agents/Consultants are as follows:

• Develop and plan advertising campaigns for clients • Develop and plan marketing campaigns for clients • Make sure all advertising ideas follow legal guidelines • Assist in the developing sales campaigns and ideas with clients • Develop client business opportunities based on requirements

With all of these different jobs and applications there is a magnitude of possibilities where a mistake or omission could be made by the Advertising Agents or Consultants that could leave the client financially burdened. If this was to happen the client could make a claim against the Advertising Agents/Consultants for this financial loss.

Below is a list of some key exposures for Advertising Agents and Consultants:

• Failure to provide proper advice • Failure or negligent development of marketing/advertising campaigns • Poor/improper advice when developing sales campaigns • Infringement of copyright, plagiarism and/or piracy • Negligence in providing advice on legal requirements with a campaign or direction

The above represents some of the key exposure and in no way all of them. If you need more information please contact is directly.

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