Professional Indemnity Insurance for Dietitians

Professional Indemnity insurance provides essential financial cover and protection for Dietitians in the event a claim is made against them for an error or omission that may make during the course of their work.

Dietitians provide food and nutrition information to help improve people’s health. Qualified dietitians also have the clinical training to modify diets to treat and help manage people’s conditions like diabetes, heart disease, obesity, cancer, food allergies and intolerance’s. Dietitians are professionals with the skills and knowledge to provide expert nutrition and dietary advice to individuals. They are capable of translating scientific and technical information into practical advice about what people should be eating. Some of the main roles of a dietitian are:

• Educating and advising individuals with diet related disorders on how they can improve and change their current health • Analysis of nutritional content of foods • Education of other health care professionals on diet and foot related issues • Education and advise for Professional athletes to help improve or maintain their performance • Calculating and implementing appropriate and new diets for people to help improve their health

With this magnitude of work involved while being Dietitian there is also a magnitude of possibilities where an error or omission could be made. People take their health very seriously and improving or hindering someone’s health can dramatically change someone’s life. Don’t wait to protect yourself, Click here to get a quote now. Some of the key exposures for Dietitians are as follows:

• Negligence while making diets or plans • Giving wrong advice to a client • Negligence in diagnosis of a client • Wrong advice given to a client/patient and their family on dietary plans, diet and food modifications • The above represents some of the key exposure and in no way all of them. If you need more information please contact is directly.

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