Professional Indemnity Insurance for Economists

Professional Indemnity insurance provides essential financial cover and protection for Economists in the event a claim is made against them for an error or omission that may make during the course of their work.

Economists conduct research, analyse data and collect information while monitoring economic trends and develop forecasts. The work they do is vital so support business and the economy and are heavily relied on in both the private and public sector. In an ever changing environment they are responsible to adapt and change and give accurate advice no matter what the circumstance. Click here for a quote now.

While a lot of work of economists is based on analyse, research and advice is also a major portion of their activity and they can be held responsible for what they do.

Some of the main roles of Economists are as follows:

• Developing forecasts • Providing consultancy services to clients • Monitoring economic trends • Conducting research and reporting on information gathered • Collecting and analysing data

With all of these different jobs and applications there is a magnitude of possibilities where a mistake or omission could be made by Economists that could leave the client financially burdened. If this was to happen the client could make a claim against the Economist for this financial loss. Below is a list of some key exposures for Economists:

• Error or omission made when collecting or analysing data • Misleading or poor research work • Negligent or poor forecasting of future economic trends

The above represents some of the key exposure and in no way all of them. If you need more information please contact is directly.

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