Professional Indemnity Insurance for Architects

Professional Indemnity Insurance is important in protecting you and your business while conducting services in the field of Architecture. In an industry where your skills as a professional are the backbone of your business it is important to cover yourself in the event were a claim may be made against you due to an error or omission made while operating.

Depending on what state you conduct your business in can depend on what insurance may be compulsory. For example, in NSW All architects are required to comply with the NSW architects code of professional conduct. In the code of conduct it is required that architects have appropriate levels of professional Indemnity Insurance to cover themselves and their clients in the event of a claim being made against them.

There is no minimum level of cover stipulated however the board states that “Architects should maintain sufficient cover to enable them to meet claims arising from their professional practice.”

In the event that you are the employee of a company they should have Professional Indemnity Insurance covering their staff’s actions (if you aren’t sure – check with your employer). If you then conduct a private job outside of work with your employer you will need Professional Indemnity Insurance to cover yourself. Your employers PII won’t cover you.

Some key areas where you may be exposed are:

• Breach of Copyright • Incorrect, inadequate or negligent advice, design or specifications • Inappropriate or incorrect certification • Poor commutation with clients

As an Architect, a job of such accurate proportions and measurement it is important to protect yourself. Any error or omission you make while conducting yourself as a professional or any advice or work you may be involved should be protected.

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