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Being an Architect you are responsible for the creation of everything from a families home to 80 floor office towers. All need to be as functional as each other but with very different outcomes in mind it can be hard to please everyone.

Emotions can run high no matter what the situation. Creating a beautiful, functional home that will be lived in every day and quite possibly a persons largest single investment of their life has it inherent risks. Time, accuracy, outcome and then the layer on the fact you are dealing with an end user that wants to live in for ever. Then, the next project could be a emotionless office building that needs to work, be on time and not go a dollar over budget.

The worlds you switch between can be vast. No matter what the project, if it is just you or your whole firm focused there is so many moving parts, so many stake holders, there is always the possibility something could go wrong. Don’t risk being your financial assets and business. If something does go wrong and a claim is made against you, professional indemnity insurance is there to help protect you and your financial assets.

Architects working with blueprints in the office.


As an Architect the amount of cover you need will vary depending on your scope of work, how many clients you have, the size and turnover of your business, the size of the projects you are working on and other factors. The best way to get an understanding is to speak to a broker. They can walk you through the process to help understand your business and what cover you will need.


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When you are working with so many moving parts, so many different stakeholders, emotions, builders, trades people everywhere, and last but not least, large sums of money, anything can happen. Thus, no matter how much you focus on achieving the best possibly customer outcome, anything can happen.  Some common risk factors for Recruitment Consultants are:

  • Delay or late delivery of a project
  • Failing to adhere to budget
  • Misrepresenting a customers position
  • Failure to adhere to a applicable Australian Standard
  • Failure to operate within the provisions set out as per the trades Practices Act

As an Architect every day can be different and filled with constant challenges. You’re clients are human, and so are you. When you are operating on something as emotionally tense as a family home or as budget driven as an office block, anything can happen. Professional indemnity insurance is there in case something does happen and a claim is made against you. Protect your business and its financial assets today with professional indemnity insurance.

For more FAQ’s regarding professional indemnity insurance, check out our page ultimate guide to professional indemnity insurance.


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